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Features to Consider:

Design. Builders Edge offers three styles of decorative shutters to choose from: The traditional Louvered style, the upscale contemporary Raised Panel style and the quaint, cottage look of the Board-n-Batten style. The shutters are purely decorative, so getting the "right" size and look is easy. Consider your home's architecture and your personal taste when selecting your style. Be sure to measure the height of each window and select the appropriate shutter sizes for your home.

Color. Builders Edge Shutters come in all the popular colors. See the Basics of Color section for advice on how to select the color that's right for you. Choose between molded-through colors or choose Paint-Ready units if you want to paint them your own custom color.

Ease of installation. All of the styles install the same way, making installation quick and easy. Simply drill a hole in each corner of the shutter. Hold the shutter against the wall next to your window. Drill through the predrilled hole (into the wall) and push the fastener in. All the hanging fasteners are included with the shutter packaging along with simple instructions.

Ease of maintenance. Builders Edge Shutters are made from a weather-resistant material called polypropylene copolymer with molded-through color. This material is very similar to the material used to make vinyl siding. Just like vinyl, these shutters resist assaults from the wind, won't rot or dent, and since our shutters feature molded-through color, there is no paint to flake, scratch, or blister. Maintenance is almost effortless, just occasionally rinse them down with your garden hose.

Cost Guidelines:
Our shutters fall into several cost-effective categories. Board-n-Batten shutters represent our most exclusive line of shutter products, Raised Panel Shutters combine graceful architectural style at economic pricing, and Louvered shutters are our most cost-effective line of shutters.

Custom features like offsetting the center rail or the addition of a straight top increase the cost, although as the price and quality increase, more options are included.

One way to keep your shutter costs from rising is to avoid special orders. Try to work with standard sizes and select from the standard styles that your local retailer stocks.

By keeping these cost guidelines in mind, you are sure to make a selection that will greatly enhance the look of your home at an affordable price.