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Features to Consider:

Design. Looking to enliven a dull entryway? You can do so easily and inexpensively with Builders Edge Door Surrounds. We have a door surround available for every size of door: single entry, double door or patio door, single garage. Attractive and maintenance-free, these welcome additions are available in two clean simple profiles. It's an easy alternative to wood and eurothane models!

Color. Choose molded-through colors or choose Paint-Ready units if you want to paint your own custom color.

Ease of maintenance. Builders Edge Door Surrounds are made from the same material as our shutters. Just like the shutters, the surrounds will resist assaults from the wind, won't rot or dent, and have no paint to ever flake, scratch, or blister. The maintenance is quick and easy, just occasionally rinse them down with your garden hose.