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Gables are no longer merely a side show

Traditionally, gables were found only on the side-ends of the house and out of curb-view. Today, as a new style of angular architecture takes hold, vents are used more prominently on the front of the house - playing a decorative as well as practical role. By installing a decorative shape or coordinated color Gable Vent in your gable peak, you add distinction and detail to your home in addition to the function served by vents.

With over 30 styles and 200 colors available, Builders Edge offers the largest selection of styles, sizes and colors of gable vents to choose from in the industry. Available in round top, half round, triangular, elongated octagon, pentagon, diamond, round, octagon, square and rectangular shapes, the vents can be easily used with all types of siding including: wood, vinyl or aluminum as well as brick, stucco and fiber cement applications. Builders Edge has also introduced a Replace-A-Vent which can be added to homes with existing siding. So now you don't have to let those old yellowed rectangular vents ruin the look of your home. They can easily be replaced in minutes.

Builders Edge Gable Vents offer the installer a big advantage over other gable vent products. The patented Snap-On finishing ring eliminates the need for j-channeling and caulking. Also, the Snap-On-ring is a template for cutting the hole in the wall. You then simply butt the siding right up against the edge of the vent. Because the ring is going to cover any rough edges, the cut doesn't have to be exact.

Other quality Gable Vent features include:
· Leveling lines for even installation.
· Unique copolymer formulation for the greatest weather ability and the highest UV resistance in the industry.
· "Color- Thru" process ensures a maintenance-free product.
· Lock adjustments that accommodate all styles and thickness of siding.
· A double baffle system for increased weather protection.
· Full-screening for complete insect protection.
· Aside from being attractive and maintenance-free, Builders Edge gable vents also come standard with a 40-year Limited Warranty that covers everything, including the finish. And best of all they're a 'Color-Thru' product which means there's no fading, chipping or flaking - and they never need painting.
· One-piece quality construction for incredible structural integrity.
· A wide nailing flange that eliminates framing and ensures you hit the stud.

The details make the difference.

When installing a light fixture, mailbox or doorbell on a home, it's the details that make the difference. Builders Edge Mounting Blocks provide a finished look for all exterior fixtures.

Builders Edge Mounting Blocks are quick and easy to install due to their timesaving installation features! Mounting blocks can be installed with new wood, vinyl or aluminum siding as well as with new brick and stucco applications. Positive lock adjustments allow easy installation on any type of siding, while accommodating different styles and thickness.

Mounting blocks come in several styles - and over 200 colors - to perfectly match any siding. There are different blocks for different applications, including mailboxes, door bells, electrical outlets, exterior faucets, light fixtures, ventilation and more.

Aside from being decorative, mounting blocks allow for a level, weatherproof surface for installing fixtures on siding. Without it, fixtures can sag or look unfinished. Just like our other accessories, mounting blocks feature our patented Snap-On finishing ring system, eliminating the need for j-channeling and caulking. They really give the home a finished look - with a lot less effort than you might think."

Also available from Builders Edge is the Glo-Block, an extremely low-voltage block that can be powered by the doorbell. The Glo-Block highlights a home's address so it is read more clearly from the street, and is recommended by paramedics, fire and police departments (not to mention pizza deliverers!).