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Ridge vents and stack caps: although often unnoticed, you'll certainly notice the adverse effects if you install inferior products.

All of the efforts you put into a new or replacement roof will go right down the drain if your ridge vents and stack caps fail to perform. Top off your roof with a complete ventilation system from Builders Edge, and your hard work and reputation - will be preserved for years. Builders Edge offers Ridge Vent PLUS and HipVent PLUS systems to suit your roofing needs.

These systems feature an internal baffle that keeps out bugs, blowing snow, and rain. In an independent study conducted by Construction Research Laboratories in Florida, the RidgeVent PLUS and HipVent PLUS systems were proven to withstand winds in excess of 100 m.p.h. with rain in excess of eight inches per hour-with no leakage.

Innovation is built into every feature of each Builders Edge ventilation system.

*The RidgeVent PLUS system fits all roof pitches from 3-12 to 12-12. With its patented added pitch, the system shows more shingle profile and less vent opening, blending more perfectly into your roof lines. It's also adaptable to a Flash or Peak Vent.

RidgeVent PLUS is designed to vent the entire peak continuously and effectively. It works with the wind to siphon moist, hot air from attic spaces, protecting the home and keeping it more comfortable. It will also expand and contract with temperature extremes.

The product is sturdy, guaranteed to resist cracking and denting for 40 years! Its uni-body construction is rugged and keeps pieces from coming loose. With patented structural ribs, the vent is virtually crush-proof.

Installation is easy.

The self-aligning, interlocked ends provide quick alignment and ensure that no weather or insects can enter between venting units. Ends are also double-sealed and adjustable to all roof pitches. Nailing supports prevent you from nailing too tightly and keeps nails in straight. Produced in four-foot sections, the vent conforms to 16" and 24" on-center construction methods and minimizes waste.

*The HipVent PLUS system is exclusive to Builders Edge. The only venting system designed for hard to ventilate hip roofs. When used with the RidgeVent PLUS system, HipVent PLUS provides necessary ventilation for a uniform roof line. Use it to open up all new design possibilities.

Vent pipes often present another prime spot for leakage. The Builders Edge StackCap eliminates that problem, and beautifies the roofing system.

With a dual-wall construction that slips in and over roof vent pipes, the StackCap ensures that water is directed down the drain or onto sealed shingles. Available to fit three-and four-inch pipes, it can easily be adapted for roof pitches from 3-12 and 12-12.

As with all Builders Edge products, installation is simple. Just determine your roof pitch, snip the base using the guidelines provided, place the StackCap over the pipe and rotate. Its patented friction clips hold the StackCap in place, no caulking required!

Available in dark gray, white-gray, brown, and black, the StackCap will complement any of today's roofing systems. No more unsightly PVC or tar-stained pipes that detract from the roof's appearance.

If you want roofing products that bring years of function and form to your home, turn to Builders Edge.