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Features to Consider:

Design. Step beyond average by adding toppers above your windows. Builders Edge offers three styles of window toppers to choose from: The traditional Window Header, the upscale Sunburst Window & Door Header , and the classic Sunburst Header. The toppers are purely decorative so getting the "right" size and look is easy. Consider your home's architecture and your personal taste when selecting your style. Measure the height of above each window to ensure spacing is adequate.

Color.These toppers come in a variety of colors to accent or blend with your window trim color. See the Basics of Color section for advice on how to select the color that's right for you. Choose between molded-through colors or choose Paint-Ready units if you want to paint them your own custom color.

Ease of installation. Builders Edge toppers are the easiest to install on the market because of their patented Snap-Installation features. Hold the topper against the wall above your window. Drill through the nailing slots to attach the back plate into the wall. Then snap the front tray into place. The result: a professional finish in minutes! No need for precise measurements, no precision cutting and no exposed nails! It's that easy. All the hanging fasteners are included with the packaging along with simple instructions.

Ease of maintenance. Builders Edge Toppers are made from the same material as our shutters. Just like the shutters, the toppers will resist assaults from the wind, won't rot or dent, and have no paint to ever flake, scratch, or blister. The maintenance is minimal, just occasionally rinse them down with your garden hose.

Cost Guidelines: The Window Headers are the least expensive, Sunbursts and Sunburst Window & Door Headers cost slightly more.